Our Church in Crisis: How We Got There/The Only Way Out
by David J. Webster, M. Div.                                                                                                         





On August 5, 1944, still during the midst of the horrors of WW II but with the Allies now on the winning offensive, Jesus spoke a word of warning through Maria Valtorta, an Italian mystic, to the Church about the false optimism that would, with the ending of the war, deceive many. Jesus warned about the even “fiercer struggle” yet to come with the “Enemy of the Christ” and the unbelief and blindness in the Church to both the “times” and to “the Precursors of the Christ in His second coming.”  This warning was given for Maria’s religious superiors in the Servite Order just after she received the revelation of the Transfiguration/Apparition on Mt. Tabor and our Lord’s correction of Peter’s own false optimism: 


            “May My continuous contact sanctify you, may My continuous teaching fortify you and may My fond love for you make you faithful against all snares. [ED: This contact and teaching, however, had often been met with rejection] Do not be like the old rabbis who taught the Revelation but did not believe in it, to the extent of not being able to recognize the signs of the time and the messengers of God. Ensure that you recognize the precursors of the Christ in His second coming, because the powers of the Antichrist are on the march and, making an exception on the limit I have imposed on Myself, because I know that you drink in certain truths not with a supernatural spirit but out of thirst for human curiosity, I solemnly tell you that what many people think is the victory over the Antichrist, the peace now close at hand, will only be a pause to give the Enemy of the Christ time to acquire new strength, to dress his wounds and gather his army for a fiercer struggle.

            “Since you are the ‘voices’ of your Jesus, the King of kings . . . [who] will defeat the Beast and his servants and prophets, ensure that you know what is your Good and follow it forever. Let no false appearance entice you, let no persecution terrify you. Let your “voices” repeat My words. Let your lives be devoted to this work. And if on the earth your should share the same destiny as the Christ, as His precursor and Elijah, a sanguinary [bloody] destiny or a destiny subjected to moral torture, smile at the future safe destiny you will enjoy with the Christ, with his Precursor and His Prophet. . . . No revelation is yet sufficient to make you understand, because the joy of the future life is by far superior to the possibility of imagination of a human creature still joined to a human body.”  [ED: The underlined emphasis is mine.]  The Poem of the Man-God, Volume III, p.414-415 


This blinding optimism that afflicted the first Apostles, particularly after the Transfiguration, the raising of Lazarus and the Triumphal entry did indeed afflict the post-war Apostolic College of Bishops. Because the Catholic Church and its faith flourished in an unprecedented way after the war, the “times” were misread and thus the messengers (the precursors of the Second coming of the Christ), were by-in-large ignored. Compounding the blinding consequence of this false optimism was the fact that while the warning messages of Fatima (1917), the call to prayer of Beauraing (1932-1933), and the call to “All Nations” of Banneux (1933) were ruled free of moral and theological error they were never ruled by Rome to be truly of God and thus divinely authoritative or even accurate beyond their bare moral and theological content. This was an “official” though tacit rejection of these messages and messengers, the proof of which was the failure of the Bishops as a body to respond to their explicit instructions. In 1929 it was revealed that Russia was to be immediately consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and later it was revealed that the third Secret of Fatima was to be revealed by 1960 at the latest. Final proof that Fatima was in fact rejected by the Church’s Magisterium is that the shrine is now no longer authentically Catholic. In early May of this year the holy shrine at Fatima and its altar was surrendered to Hindu priests and their pagan rituals in a most serious violation of Church prohibitions. The Shrine is thus now desecrated and under the control of apostate Catholics who because of the unbelief and the sin of Catholics in general have become a very significant power in the Church. That God has allowed this loss is evidence we Catholics across the board are plainly not worthy of the site and that these Hindus, despite their false religion, may be more virtuous in God’s sight than many Catholic Christians. Jesus had promised that while there would be many Christians ending up in Hell many who had lived outside the Christian covenant would be saved!  (St. Matthew 8:11)


In addition to this rejection by the Apostolic College, the Precursors to the Christ that came after the war were even more ignored, discounted or even denied as was Our Lord by most of His first Apostles. Some of these Precursors or Visionaries have even been betrayed and defamed by those with Apostolic standing, again, as also was Our Lord.


Heaven’s Failed Efforts to Instruct and Guide the Church’s Magisterium


This rejection of the counsel of Heaven left the Church, and consequently the world, subject to a “diabolical disorientation,” as Sister Lucia, the surviving visionary of Fatima, called it. Pope Paul VI called it the smoke of Satan in the very sanctuary of the Church. Warnings of a terrible apostasy within the Church in the final days of the present age were clearly revealed by our Lord in the Gospels, by the prophet Daniel (the daily sacrifice of the Mass will cease 12:11; 9:27) and by many Catholic visionaries and Saints throughout the ages. Our Lady of LaSalette in 1846 had also revealed that Rome would someday loose the faith and become the seat of Antichrist. On October 13, 1884 Pope Leo XIII after Mass fell to the floor in a trance and received a frightening vision wherein Satan was granted what would amount to another century to try to destroy the Church. That vision motivated the composition and the inclusion of the St. Michael prayer into the mass from that time until 1965 when, as we shall discover, Heaven ceased directing its message to the body of Bishops precisely because the help prayed for had been fully given but was ignored. It was from this proud self-confident and spiritually naked “Laodicean Church” that found no need for this help of Heaven that Jesus Christ Himself turned and began directing His call elsewhere:  It was now “If any man hears my voice [personally discerning it] and opens the door, I will come in unto him and will sup with him”(Rev. 3:20). Heaven now began offering its counsel and help to a far broader audience and directly to anyone who was open to hear. Clearly, by the Holy Spirit, Pope Paul VI recognized the hierarchy had indeed forfeited its place for discernment on such matters and thus in the following year (1966), he declared that every Catholic now had a right (and thus a duty!) to discern for himself the authenticity of purported miracles, apparitions/revelations without the prior approval of the Holy Office or Magisterium. Those who would deny that right are opposing the Church and that includes Bishops and priests who make false and misleading statements about such phenomena to discourage the faithful from making their own discernments. The faithful were now also free to disseminate reports of miracles and apparitions/ revelations without the approval of the Holy Office or the Magisterium unless they where properly and formally judged contrary to Catholic faith or morals. To any thinking Catholic if this had been an earthquake this should have registered a 10 on the Richter scale with the epicenter clearly at the heart of the Church itself. It was certainly proof the Church had suffered its own 9/11 and that it had brought the disaster upon itself. This divine “abandonment” of the Church is not only pictured in Revelation 3 but also prophetically revealed in Solomon’s Song of Songs (5:1-8).  


The eight “Church-approved” pre-war revelations were intended to be the foundations and the buttresses to Heaven’s wall of grace to the Magisterium of the Church to which the three final post-war revelations directed to it were to find their proper support and become the final and fully encompassing fortification for a triumphant Church. But because these “approved” foundations and buttresses were so poorly received by the Magisterium the three final revelations could only be seen at best as additional unnecessary clutter. Not one of these epic revelations was even ruled worthy of devotion!  Certainly to smother the guilt and provide an excuse to once again ignore Heaven’s urgent calls and offer of help the false optimism over the winning of the war was readily embraced. We will see these final three revelations to the Church’s magisterial hierarchy, some of which contained frank details of the increasingly disastrous consequences of these longstanding failures of our Bishops, to be Our Lady’s revelations to Ida Peerdamen of Amsterdam 1945-1959 (an older mature woman with a clear record of fulfilled prophecies including a prediction of an important new Council and even the specific issues to be addressed!); Our Lord’s and our Lady’s carefully dictated revelations to Maria Valtorta (1943-1946)1947-1950 (where the miraculous element was not only unprecedented but was in a form that could not be passed off as mass hysteria as many Catholics had done with Fatima); and Our Lady’s revelations to the Children of Garabandal 1961-1965 (where the miracles were verified by numerous scientific tests and authorities and were for the first time even captured on movie film).


Our Lord and His Vicar Turns to the Remnant for the “New Evangelization!


After these final revelations were ignored, and precisely as revealed to Maria Valtorta 16 years before in 1950, an explosive escalation in apparitions worldwide took place coinciding with the rapid deterioration of faith and morals among our Cardinals, Bishops and priests. Some ten years ago the Vatican admitted having on record over 300 requests for Vatican approval for ongoing miracles and apparitions throughout the world. That, however, is certainly only a fraction of the Heavenly interventions taking place as most Catholics realized Rome no longer ruled on these events and would not have submitted such a request. Obviously it would now have to be a remnant within the Church that Heaven would have to direct its instructions for a “New Evangelization.”  One has to be “as blind as a bat” not to see that Pope John Paul II’s much bemoaned “abandonment” of the hierarchy (a just and important reflection of Heaven’s own abandonment!), his unequivocal faith in all the major apparitions, past and present including Medjugorje, and his direct appeal to the masses of his worldwide flock is evidence of his own understanding of where he believes the only hope lies for the renewal of the Church. It certainly does not lie with those who cannot discern or who minimize this incredible move of the Holy Spirit in their midst!    


What is this “New Evangelization” first mentioned by Pope Paul VI and so repeatedly emphasized by Pope John Paul II?  Our Lord had also revealed the entire concept of the New Evangelization to Maria Valtorta in 1950. It had everything to do with the revelations being given to the Church by these Precursors to Christ’s Second coming!  Did Pope Paul VI get the term from Valtorta?  We do not know. We do know he was so impressed with The Poem of the Man-God before becoming Pope that he ordered a set for the Seminary library at Milan. We also know that it was his order in 1966 that freed that incredible revelation from the illicit condemnation it had received. What were these other Precursors telling us?  In addition to the need of a strong moral and spiritual awakening and a serious practice of Catholic faith (the emphasis at LaSalette / 1846) and hope through prayer in time of test and trial (the message of Pontmain / 1871), the final triumph of The Woman and Her Seed over the serpent (promised in the visions at Guadaloupe / 1531) required, above all, the Catholic faith concerning our Holy Mother to be finalized in authentic Marian Dogma in its completeness. Mary is, after all, the “eschatological [end-time] icon of the Church!”  In addition to Her Perpetual Virginity three other dogmas had to be proclaimed in proper succession for this final victory:  1) The Immaculate Conception of Mary, which was powerfully presented at Rue de Bac (1830); made dogma in 1854 by Pope St. Pius X, who took this revelation seriously; and reemphasized at Lourdes (1858), at Fatima (1917), and at Beauraing (1932-1933). 2) The Bodily Assumption of Mary into Heaven, proclaimed by Pope Pius XII in 1950 which, according to Our Lady of All Nations to Ida Peerdamen, was a prerequisite for the proclamation of the final Dogma that will usher in the Victory. 3) That final Marian Dogma is Mary, Co-Redemptrix, Mediatrix, and Advocate as revealed to Ida Peerdamen by Our Lady of All Nations. These revelations also reveal the New Evangelization would require a renewed devotion to the Eucharist as a literal sacrificial gift of Christ Himself as literally His own Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity and a restoration of the importance of all the Sacraments, all of which have been minimized and seriously profaned in our day.    


The New Evangelization, the New Means of Restoring the Catholic Faith in the Wake of Deadening Rationalistic Modernism and Cold Rationalistic Conservatism


The New Evangelization, thus, is simply a new means of restoring the Catholic faith that had become stunted and blunted by materialistic interests, moral breakdown, selfishness, harsh legalism and  prideful intellectualism that has reduced the historical realities upon which our faith is built to mere fables and has questioned and denied many vital elements of faith and morals. To uproot this insidious mythologizing of the redemptive history recorded in Holy Scripture, Heaven finally gave us an exhaustive unprecedented carefully dictated, historically accurate account of the life, ministry and teachings of Our Lord. Precisely because of the superabundance of undeniable evidence for its divine origin this revelation utterly shatters modern scholarship’s view of biblical history as mostly mythological religious literature. Nothing ever given to the Church  so confirms the veracity of Holy Scriptures as an accurate historical record of divine intervention into human history or the Catholic faith as The Poem of the Man-God. Our Lady of All Nations in 1945 had warned of the imminent threat to the Church of the resurgence of the “modernist” heresy that has become so obvious in our day and The Poem, given to the Church in its complete form in 1947, was Heaven’s antidote to that very serious threat. By 1965, however, that threat had become a full blown reality because none of these three final helps of Heaven, given in answer to the St. Michael prayer were recognized and The Poem, the one that would have been the most powerful in the hands of our priests was blocked and forbidden until 1966. In 1965, however, the spiritual battle for the Church hierarchy as a unified spiritual body was over and it had lost!  A major split at the very heart of the Church had now become a reality and that split will soon become openly manifest resulting in a near complete loss of faith among God’s people. That final resistance and opposition to Heaven opened the door of Hell upon the Church. And upon those Cardinals, Bishops and priests who were responsible came the anathema the Church had pronounced a century ago!  The Anathema pronounced at Vatican I in 1869 was upon those who taught one could not discern a true miracle of God. Those many Bishops and priests who refused to acknowledge the authenticating miracles that accompanied all these major interventions of Heaven in our own times thus fell under the Church’s own anathema. Our Lady’s message at Garabandal in 1965 now was “Many Cardinals, many Bishops and many priests are on the path of perdition and taking many souls with them” and that same message also clearly declared Heaven’s reluctant abandonment of the hierarchical body:  “Since My message of October 18 [1961] has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world [by the Church’s Magisterium refusing to recognize it], I will tell you that this is the last one.”  This was not the last message Heaven gave to its messengers of Garabandal. It was the last message Heaven has addressed to the Church’s Magisterium!  Something horrendous and unparelled in Church history happened in 1965. Jesus Himself declared to the first Apostolic College, “Whatsoever ye bind on earth shall be bound in Heaven and whatsoever ye loose on earth shall be loosed in Heaven.”  What the magisterial body of the Church by 1965 did was to loose the forces of Hell upon itself and the world and Heaven simply conceded to that promised authority! 


Satan’s attack within the Church began with a massive infiltration of the KGB starting in the latter 1920’s. The Communist movement from its inception in the mid 1800’s had always considered the Roman Catholic Church to be its greatest obstacle to world conquest (and it still is! --but that Church excludes the great many in the Church who have excommunicated themselves by knowingly embracing heresy) The Church’s refusal to immediately consecrate Russia in 1929, which promised its conversion by that act, left that door wide open. There is good evidence that by 1960 there were over a thousand KGB agents, many in high levels of authority, in the Church. When the warning was given in 1945 at Amsterdam of the imamate threat of the resurgence of modernism within the Church the revelation was ignored and Heaven’s antidote, the revelations to Maria Valtorta, given to the Church in 1947, while ordered to be published by Pope Pius XII, was viciously opposed. Quite interestingly, records clearly show one of the effects of this rise of modernism among Bishops and priests -- the sex abuse scandal -- began to manifest in the year 1947, just two years after the warning at Amsterdam. This abuse then mushroomed in the 1960’s and reached its peak in the 1980’s. The crisis in the Church, however, is far from over. Satan’s greatest attack on the Church are just ahead. But it appears that D-Day is near at hand and victory over Evil will at least become understood by all as the final reality. When the “Illumination of Conscience” promised at Garabandal takes place all men will know not only their sins but the outcome of this yet to be fought battle. Those who remain unrepentant will be lost forever.     


Conservative Rationalists (the veiled modernists!) were the Major Opponents to the Help of Heaven!


The form of obvious rationalism that is typically called modernism or liberalism, however, was by no means the only obstacle Heaven saw as standing in the way of the Triumph over the Serpent and the final worldwide harvest of souls for God’s Kingdom. Many Conservatives or Traditionalists, the bitter opponents of “modernists,” have been plagued by their own form of rationalism which was equally destructive to authentic Catholic faith as it left orthodoxy basically a cold intellectual exercise void of life, love and spiritual reality. Miracles and revelations were fine as long as they were consigned to the distant past. In fact, it was mainly the opposition of this form of traditionalism (neo-Phariseeism) that was most to blame for thwarting the intended purposes of all the apparitions/revelations in our day starting with Fatima. There were very few “obvious modernists” in the Church between 1917 and 1929. Many conservatives also fought the needed changes of Vatican II. Our Lady of all Nations at Amsterdam affirmed that many areas of modernization in the Church were necessary so Rome could evangelize using modern means and that a coming council (a complete surprise to the Church even 10 years later!) would address these matters. That certainly meant the use of the vernacular for the Mass. In 1961, as Vatican II was underway, Our Lady at Garabandal affirmed the great significance of the Council by saying it would be “a great success,” the greatest of councils!  Like the early Jewish Christians who were fearful of the new open door to Gentiles many conservatives do not yet understand the importance of the many important changes initiated by Vatican II that were necessary to eliminate the many serious misunderstandings and the great fear that many non-Catholics had regarding the Catholic faith and Church. One of the most destructive misconceptions perpetuated by many conservative Catholics was a narrow false interpretation of the truth that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. It does not mean that one must be a material part of the Catholic Church to be saved and headed for Heaven!  There are many non-Catholic Christians headed for Heaven for they are mystically part of the Catholic Church. But this does not even mean one must be at least a Christian or a member of the Church in a mystical sense to be “safe” for heaven. The Catechism, born of Vatican II, clarifies this important truth. That there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church simply means that without the Catholic Church there would be no Gospel witness anywhere else in the world and further that only those who knowingly refuse this Gospel are cut off from Salvation. These revelations from Garabandal on the importance of Vatican II (and clear revelations of Heaven’s “acceptance” of honest peace loving Moslems from Medjugorje) have allowed many Conservative Catholics to keep a balance during these times when winds of extremism from both directions would have long ago decimated the Church.  


The “new” means to this renewal of faith and meaningful ecumenism (not the false ecumenism that minimizes true Catholic faith) is of course this explosion in Heaven’s direct interventions by which its life giving, faith-imparting signs, wonders and revelations are now drawing peoples of all nations and religions out of the confusion of this world onto a path that is leading to deep spiritual healing and unity in the truth of Jesus Christ and His Church. This revival of authentic Catholic faith is beginning to blossom in the hearts of the simple, the common and the sincere. Conservatives and Traditionalists who cannot see the “new springtime” of which our Holy Father has spoken are looking in the wrong place. The hierarchy and the priesthood that is being plagued by a massive influx of false self-proclaimed prophets following a false spirit (truly a divine chastisement for their resistance and rejection of the true prophets and true precursors to Christ’s second coming), might be the last to see the new springtime. Those who do not come to embrace this growing move of the Holy Spirit and the Hosts of Heaven will perish in the more and more open rebellion against the Kingdom of God just as certainly as many of God’s own Covenant people of Israel did as they continued to resist the new Israel, the Church with its own outburst of miraculous signs in the first century. It will be this final conflict, however, that will insure the success of the New Evangelization for out of this conflict the Church’s greatest heroes and Saints will be born!  DJW


Did you know the popular claim that the apparitions/revelations mentioned above are “private revelations” and thus not required to be believed is NOT authentic Catholic faith?  The view not only contradicts authentic Catholic faith but has for years provided the unholy excuse for the Church’s ignoring this critical help of Heaven. The Catechism, thus, for good reason, calls these revelations, “so-called ‘private revelations.’”  Along with the complete story of the Poem of the Man God’s triumph over trial and its indisputable evidence of its divine origin and divine dictation, Voiding the Voices of Heaven soundly exposes this very serious popular error. Read this groundbreaking presentation on our website!  Be an informed and qualified part of the New Evangelization --Heaven’s only way out of our crisis!  www.saveourchurch.org


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