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Save Our Church was founded in the Summer of 2002, when a number of the faithful serving the Cleveland Ohio Diocese, realized they could no longer afford to merely complain about the increasing abuse of the liturgy by priests and about the increasing challenges to Catholic theological and moral teachings coming from the religious and the clergy in this Diocese. When FutureChurch chose to use the moral scandal among the priesthood to further their agenda for Women's ordination, a married priesthood and to attack the hierarchical structure of the Church, and not only ignore the cause of this crisis, but continue to promote the acceptance of homosexual and lesbian relationships and abortion, the true nature of this group could no longer be denied.

Save Our Church is an organization of Catholic men and women who love and revere the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and who acknowledge the authority of the Magisterium. We are responding to our Bishop who has asked repeatedly for lay involvement in respect to the present moral and spiritual crisis in the Church. We will endeavor to refute groups as FutureChurch, its parent organization Call to Action, Voice of the Faithful or any other group espousing anti-Catholic positions and to help reestablish the Holy Tradition of Faith within the Church in the Cleveland Diocese.

We have been active in literature distribution in our parishes and in Prayer/Protests at the sites of FutureChurch meetings.

Save Our Church recognizes three vital offensive weapons given us by Heaven which if used together will overthrow any error within the Church. These are the authoritative teachings of the Church, the Scriptural and Early Church Support of these teachings, and the publicly significant and well authenticated illuminations and corrective interpretations of Heaven given in our own day which the Catechism of the Church itself calls the "authentic calls of Christ and the Saints to the Church." We recognize that the cause of so much division and error in the Church is a direct result of serious failure to honor and use all three of these divine instruments as Heaven intended them to be used. That failure has simply been the result of a serious lack of holy and divine love within us for those around us!

Those authoritative teachings of the Church are faithfully expressed in the Catechism of the Church - many Catholics have been led into error simply because they do not know what the Church teaches! For many Catholics who are no longer certain of the teaching authority of the Church, the Scriptures will speak with additional authority to those being led astray. Heaven's final armament in its arsenal is its own direct revelations powerfully authenticated by the undeniably miraculous phenomena that have always accompanied them. This is designed by Heaven to penetrate the hearts even of those whose confidence in the Church and even in Scripture has been shaken. When all these three witness to truth are used in harmony then we have what would amount to an effect of a super weapon.

Finally we can no longer depend on the spiritual leaders in the Church to tell us how this battle with error and evil is to be fought or wait for them to "approve" our discernments. In many ways we who are now called to battle are like the band that the Lord Himself assembled around Gideon after the "approved" armies of Israel and all their "approved" means had been defeated by the enemy.

Gideon did not get any official "approval" for the apparition/revelation he got from the Angel of the Lord! He and the 300 men who followed him discerned the truth themselves just as every Catholic is called to discern "the authentic calls of Christ and the Saints to the Church" FOR HIMSELF! That is the authentic teaching of the Church! The Catechism (par.67) plainly says that while the Magisterium is to "guide" us in discernment, "the sensus fidelium [the faithful!] knows how to discern and welcome in[to the Church] these revelations." Jesus said it this way, "My sheep hear My voice and they follow Me!"

Besides the seven apparitions/revelations "approved" there are three other such publicly significant revelations we are going to make a major part of our arsenal against the error we see coming from both the right and the left in the Church.: Our Ladies' revelations to Ida Peerdemen of Amsterdam, 1945-1984 (approved locally by the Bishop); Dictated revelations of our Lord and Our Lady to Maria Valtorta, 1943-1950 The Poem of the Man-God, (ordered to be published by Pope Pius XII in 1948 and enjoying the approval of several Bishops and Cardinals); and Garabandal, 1961-1965. Since Medjugorje is inextricably linked to The Poem of the Man-God by the testimony of at least two of the visionaries that are emphatic about Our Ladies' declaration that the work is "All True! Dictated by Jesus!", that site and its messages are also an inseparable part of our offensive against Satan who is often playing on both sides in the present division in the Church. (For more information on these three offensive weapons Heaven has given us, please go to "Fireproofing Your Faith."

We welcome all faithful Catholics who, if they have not already discerned these revelations to be authentic calls of Christ to His Church, are at least open to them, to prayerfully consider joining with us either as a committed Member or as a Supporter in this ever increasing battle. Those of you who have supported us in the past and are unable to see our position or simply are afraid of the criticism and the increasing opposition we will certainly get, please know you and your decision to leave our circle will be respected. Each must do only what his faith allows him.

Thank you for visiting us. Please spend some time with us and consider what your part might be in this effort.

Updated: 09-14-09

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